Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Pics of Girls!

We took some new pics of the girls last weekend. It's always an event, but this one was really bad because I couldn't find one of the four skirts I wanted them to wear, so Gracie doesn't match and it drives me crazy! It's not bad in black and white though! Oh well, we need new ones in a few months. This is the twins 5 yr (they turned 5 in April) and Gracie's 18 month (she's a few months off of that too), but at least they're getting some taken.
Oh our little Gracie, she's mastered the art of the closed fist punch, and she really likes to save this for close proximity. So don't get in her face- I guess she's seen too much Wipe Out. This week has been eventful..Addie asked me if I hate her because I'm always so mean...that one made me feel good. I tried to explain that she only gets in trouble when she's naughty, hurts her sisters or talks back, but as much as I explained, it didn't make me feel any better. So, we made a deal, if she works on being a good listener, I'll work on talking nicely. Yea, I suck. Anyways, then the twins found that special drawer in my room that they have never seen. We'll just leave it at that, and you can use your imagination. Seriously, why am I the only adult home right now?? Days are never dull around here! I figure if I can't laugh at myself, I'll just be crying all the time!


Rebecca said...

Hilarious!! I've so been there, on all of it. So true, seems like the craziest moments, the hardest discussions, all of it seems to happen when Daddy's not around. Sigh. I love seeing pictures of your family. You are all so beautiful! Your girls have just grown into such beautiful little ladies! I love your haircut, and congrats on your pregnancy!

Christina said...

I'm glad that you are laughing! You make me laugh, too! Your girls are adorable.

NoCarnations said...

Sorry you "got caught". A good reminder that "the drawer" needs to move higher!

SUPER CUTE pictures. I can't believe how much Addie looks like you. When are you coming to Utah again?

Love you all,

Heidi said...

We just saw your blog! We wanted to thank you for the thoughts and prayers for Jake. The support that we have felt has been huge for our little family. Don't you love being the mean parent? Jake told me the other day he was going to call Heavenly Father and have him send him a new dad. The joys!

Amber H. said...

So first I have to say again how cute your girls are. I'm sure you get asked all the time if the three oldest are triplets. They look SO much alike in pictures! I'm also glad that there is someone else out there like me that wants to have her kids matching. People just don't understand, do they? LOL! And don't feel bad, Felicity has said things like that to me on more than one occasion. Life with kids is too fun, isn't it? It's good to know I'm not the only one going through this stuff!

Momma_S said...

Too cute!! As always.So how long does it take to curl all that long blonde hair? That's the beauty of boys no hair to fix. I get to practice every year at girl's camp though.
Two thumbs up!!I consider a sign of good parenting if someone hates me each and everyday.
If all they find is the drawer consider yourself lucky!!

Kim said...


Just found your blog! Your girls are so big and so beautiful! It is nice to catch up with what is going on with you! Hope you start feeling better soon and cograts on #5. Five is a GREAT number!

kayla said...

sister taylor.
the girls are so cute!! i need to come up there sometime to play with them.. we all love and miss you!

LISA said...

oh man are the the prettiest!!! Cute photos.

Kenzie said...

Drawer, what drawer? I'm not sure what your talking about. What's it for? What's in it? Just Kidding.
I was just trying to sound like our 5 year old. Sorry you got caught.
Beautiful pictures!! What cute pictures.

amysue said...

miss you guys and love the pictures

kati b said...

Hey, I'm your newest stalker! :) Love the pictures, love the outfits, love the curly hair and the things you write on here make me laugh! Hope y'all are doing well! :)

Leah said...

Beautiful pictures Christi....your girls are adorable. Congrats on number 5 on the are way braver than me...we'll eventually have that many, but a little more slowly :) my girls tell me I'm mean all the time. As my mom says, you wouldn't be a good mom if you didn't hear that every once in a while! I'm sure you are wonderful!!

simply jami said...

Looking at all of that hair makes me tired! How do you do it and the matching clothes? My kids are lucky to have something clean even if it is mismatched and wrinkled. Cute pics and I am still laughing at your be a fly on the wall! Love you!

rhondas view said...

christi- you are such a fun writer! you keep me in stitches. :)

the pics of the girls are cute- and... i loved reading about the first day after our little rehash.

love ya!