Monday, April 13, 2009

Our little man is 8 weeks old today! This newborn thing goes by way to fast for me- especially since the rest of my life doesn’t stop! He is sure one loved little boy! (although in the middle of the night my subconscious mind kicks in and I still refer to him as a girl… I’m working on that! )
Here’s some pictures of our last five weeks and the run down… I know it’s a lot, but maybe if I didn’t wait two months to update it, it wouldn’t take so long!
-Jaxon’s two-week-old pictures we took for announcements
-Grandma and Grandpa Taylor came down for Spring Break and Aunt Soni and Ethan (LOVE him) even got to come for a couple of days.
-We were able to bless Jaxon while everyone was here, it was great- blessing days are my favorite mommy days!
-Chelsea’s baby Kennedy is here and adorable- she is only 6 days younger than Jaxon so I call the twin cousins. It’s so cute to see them doing the same thing.
-Sara also had her baby last week, and so he gets another precious girl cousin to play with. I’ll have to say they are the cutest little babies (not that I’m biased).

Nope, I’m not worried at all about Jaxon being surrounded by so many girls…especially when Daddy came in the other day whistling the theme song from The Little Mermaid!!!

The twins turned 6 last week…that’s crazy to me. For their birthday, they wanted to invite their kindergarten teachers over for dinner and go to Libby Lu to get makeovers- they say they’re sure they didn’t want a big party...I didn’t push that one.
It didn’t go as planned as Jaxon and I had to go to California for my grandpa’s funeral- but I’ll get their birthday blog up soon!