Saturday, August 30, 2008

It's a.....

BOY!!!!! WHAT????? Yes, my little baby girl has a peep. I found out yesterday and was shocked…still in shock right now. I can’t tell you all the things that are running through my head, mostly “What am I going to do?” and “Where’s Lexie?” I’m sure many of you have had similar feelings of confusion when you thought you were having one sex and it wasn’t…But after four times seeing the “three lines”, this is just WAY weird for me. I don’t make that stuff…
So I know everyone wants to know what Troy said! Well, I went in for a check-up and the Dr just wanted to make sure my cervix was right, so she sent me to the sonographer who happened to have a spare minute to fit me in. Of course I mentioned to her that I have four girls, as to spark her curiosity, and sure enough she wanted to take a look. Right away, she told me it was a boy and my response was “What? Are you sure??”…So she kept looking, and looking and for ten minutes the little guy flashed the goods every which way. I asked, “are you sure?” about 15 times, and left with three different pics of the unit and her definite response, “I’m positive!” Then she said, “Look, he’s playing with it, it’s for sure a boy!!!” Classic.
I wasn’t prepared for the sono, so I didn’t have anything up my sleeve to tell Troy. So I hit the Children’s Place who has tons of “22” stuff. (That was Troy’s lacrosse # his whole life and for many years have thought of how fun it would be to buy that stuff for him). So, I found a bunch of shirts and hats. My favorite buy is the 22 and 36 shirts. One of my roomates and dear friends married Troy's roomate and good friend (most of you know the tape recorder story), and they were lacrosse players together. For the last couple of years we have sent them all the 36 stuff for their boy, and then I saw these hanging together and thought it was too cute! They are having a another boy a couple of months before us, so we'll have to get pictures of them together in the shirts. Back to Troy...I then called him with a little fib that I wasn’t feeling well, so maybe he could come home early. I really wasn’t feeling well, but not bad enough to not take care of myself…I was just too anxious. Anyways, he came home way early and was there before I got home- he foiled my plans. I snuck in and laid the clothes out and threw the hats on the big girls. I videotaped it, but I (and my big ole backside) stood in front of the camera (duh), so if I figure out how to get just the audio up here, I’ll post it. I refuse to put a video of my rear up here! Anyways, he didn’t really believe me, and neither did his mom, or my sisters. Everyone says, “Nuh uh, no way”! I know, I feel the same way. Except the girls, they jumped and cheered that they are finally getting a brother. So that night, I was meeting my family at my nieces play, so I had the big girls wear the hats and say “My mommy went to the doctor today and told us to wear these hats.” They figured it out quickly and I think we are all still in shock! I keep asking Troy if he’s excited and he says, “Yes, just as excited as if it was a healthy baby girl.” I’m sure he’s secretly really excited, but he really would have been happy with either! I guess we’ll spend some time getting used to the idea, and trying to figure out how to produce a masculine boy in a pink princess world...ohhhh, I just thought of a new reality show- move over "John and Kate Plue 8"! I’ll have to leave most of that boy stuff to Dad, and I’ll do my best to use blue polish on his nails instead of pink! AHHHHHH!!!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who's the kindergartener here???

Well, we did it…first day of school and all-day kindergarten. I left all three of my babies and I have to admit, it sucked.
The morning started off in a flurry- we had set out their clothes last week for the first day, but that preparation didn’t matter- Addie’s pants weren’t comfortable and her shoes were too big (which they were) and Brookie couldn’t find her shirt, so this sent us in another direction. Addie changed into comfortable worn out capris and old tattered shoes (nice), and Brookie misplaced her shirt and her entire pile of new clothes is lost somewhere in the house, yes the entire pile. Last week we crossed another milestone, I asked them if they wanted to match on the first day and they gave me a resounding, prompt “NO”. What??? You are twins and so cute when you match, but I did always say that they could choose to match or not when they are older, so I had to let it go! Until Brookie couldn’t find the shirt she wanted to wear and had to go with the second favorite that matched Copie, point for mom!
Anyways, we got to school and I was ok dropping Addie off, and then ok walking into Copie’s class, but got stuck at the cute teacher’s note on her table. The teacher is cute, the note was not…seriously, let me just read the first part to you “Here is a little “gift” for you as you leave your precious one with me on the first day of school. As you hold this cotton ball in your hand, the softness will help you remember the gentle spirit of your child…. .” So sad! So, of course, here come the tears. Seriously, who’s the kindergartener here, Copie or me??? I know you’re not supposed to cry in the room, you be strong for the child and lose it in the parking lot. I was trying, but the note killed me, and I’m a little extra hormonal! I’m sure Troy was embarrassed for me. Anyways, she was great and so excited to be at school and we left her happily organizing her school box. So, off to the next room for Brookie. This was the first time in their whole lives they have been separated, and I know that sounds stupid, but it made me sad watching her walk into her room alone with just her backpack (that’s bigger than her). They’ve always had each other to go to new places- a perk of being a twin- and that always comforted me, except today. Although she was quiet and couldn’t eat breakfast, Brookie said it was ok for me to go so she could color her picture (with the pencil, not the crayons??) I think she was being really brave and that just tore my heart out- I have never seen that look on her face.
I left feeling sad, (and a little stupid walking back down the hall with all the “normal”, not-pregnant parents staring at me while Troy rubbed my shoulder wondering what was wrong with his wife) but proud of my cute little babies and their eagerness to be there. And it helps that their teachers are adorable and I know they will be loved and safe.
Just the actual dropping off sucked…the rest of the day was great! What did I do? I took the day off …went to breakfast with friends, ran some errands, came home and took a nap. I felt I deserved it; all the gestating and tears wore me out, not to mention all the scary thoughts of someday dropping them off at middle school creeping in my head…it’s just around the corner you know! Oh yea, I put Gracie in time out today for spitting apple juice all over the floor for the second time, and on my way back down the stairs I asked Addie what she wanted to wear tomorrow to school. She quickly said, “Ummm, maybe a shirt that says 'My mommy’s mean to my little sister'!” Thanks Ad! Here’s some pics from the eventful day and block party the night before!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Pics of Girls!

We took some new pics of the girls last weekend. It's always an event, but this one was really bad because I couldn't find one of the four skirts I wanted them to wear, so Gracie doesn't match and it drives me crazy! It's not bad in black and white though! Oh well, we need new ones in a few months. This is the twins 5 yr (they turned 5 in April) and Gracie's 18 month (she's a few months off of that too), but at least they're getting some taken.
Oh our little Gracie, she's mastered the art of the closed fist punch, and she really likes to save this for close proximity. So don't get in her face- I guess she's seen too much Wipe Out. This week has been eventful..Addie asked me if I hate her because I'm always so mean...that one made me feel good. I tried to explain that she only gets in trouble when she's naughty, hurts her sisters or talks back, but as much as I explained, it didn't make me feel any better. So, we made a deal, if she works on being a good listener, I'll work on talking nicely. Yea, I suck. Anyways, then the twins found that special drawer in my room that they have never seen. We'll just leave it at that, and you can use your imagination. Seriously, why am I the only adult home right now?? Days are never dull around here! I figure if I can't laugh at myself, I'll just be crying all the time!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Happy Birthday to the World's Best Daddy! Troy is turning 31 today, so we thought we'd do a little tribute to him! I wish I had more pictures of Daddy with his girls, but they are not on this computer! Anyways, he is spending the day golfing and Copie just called him to sing Happy Birthday. After a short conversation she hung up and said, "He had to go, he just hit a pup and scored a goal." I love that kid! I always wonder if Troy ever thought he’d be in love with 5 girls at the same time! He really adores his girls and he is by far all of their favorite! I think girls are made for Daddy’s and I have so loved watching him dress them up in their pink clothes and always remember the bow!
So, I asked the girls some questions about their Dad and here’s what we got…
How tall is Daddy? 40 feet
How much does Daddy weigh? 30 lbs
What is daddy favorite food? Steak, chicken pockets, apples, carrots, and Chocolate milk (he’s lactose intolerant, but that’s ok)
What does Daddy love most in the world? They all said “his girls” (no one mentioned me????)
What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do? Play with his girls, and go golfing
What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do with you? Eat ice cream, play tickle tackle, and practice soccer
Why do you love Daddy? “I love Daddy because he’s my best Dad”, “Because he loves pink”, “Because he play’s with me”

As you can see, they sure love their Daddy!
We hope you have a great Birthday Dad, and are so grateful for the man that you are and the father you are to our four beautiful girls. We are proud of all you do!
Love,All your Princesses

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm a blogger!!!

Troy reminded me it’s time to join the rest of the world and get a blog. I am clueless on how it all works, but I have really enjoyed the links I’ve received from you we’ll give it a try!
Well, I know this may seem like a repeat email, but were expecting another baby in February! I was discussing having another baby with a friend from Boot camp and she said “5 kids! Only Doctors, Lawyers and white trash have 5 kids!!” And as you know, Troy is not a Dr or a lawyer. I got a good laugh from it! We are really excited and the girls are so great about it. They talk to her all the time and the twins even enjoy pulling up my shirt while we’re in public to show everyone- we’re working on that! We’re fully planning on another princess to add to the group, although last week I had a dream it was a dark haired boy of Asian decent. I remember feeling really confused, but we sure loved him anyway!
Other than feeling yucky at night, things are great here and we’re beginning to get ready for school. It’s hard to believe that I am losing all three of them in three weeks…it will be a sad day for me. I’ll try to keep up on the blog and I’d love to see all that is going on with you guys!
Had I had a Blog over the last few months, they would read…

Brookie V. Copie
Psycho cat with an autoimmune disease that pees on my curtains
Diarrhea days
Why you’re too old to see Daddy naked (this one would be saved for family and people who have known us longer than 10 years)
Hey, I wonder if mom’s stamp pads work on pillows, sheets and carpet…
Nursery showdown
I’ll pee in my car seat if you do!
I can crash mommy’s computer in a blink of an eye
How naughty can the four of us be in the Pediatricians office...while the Dr is in the room?
I’m sure this upcoming year will only bring us more moments that make us proud!

Troy finally convinced me to cut my hair off!

As you can tell, I am a new blogger and can’t wait to learn all of the cute stuff! Maybe I can even get the floating baby in a box- I know how interested everyone is in following my daily pregnancy!
Anyways, big news of this week is Troy finally convinced me to cut my hair off. I know I’ve had short hair forever, but this is the shortest! It’s ok; you can tell me if you don’t like it…my kids and neighbors do! I’m going for the trendy mom of 5 look…mom of 5-how weird is that?? Anyways, here it is…Troy says he loves it, but really, what else is he going to say… “I know it was my idea to cut it so short, but I hate it and it makes you look fat?”He’s way smarter than that!

Monday, August 11, 2008

"So...that's how the baby comes out..."

So, I brought home the free magazines that go in the prenatal bag that you get at your first ob apt. I thought it would be fun to show the girls what the baby looks like as it is developing. So, today, I’m at my desk checking emails and Brookie is on my bed looking at the baby book...and I hear “Sooo…that’s how the baby comes out”…I turn around to see what she is talking about and sure enough…a two page freeze frame lay out of a baby actually coming out, fully UNcensored!!! I can’t even look at those pictures…I was hoping to stick to my explanation of “there’s a special place on mommies where the baby comes out” forever! I know the book says “from conception to birth” on the front, but what it really should say is “Not intended for children under 35”. I can’t wait for her to explain her findings to her primary class...or better yet, describe it to an unsuspecting fellow kindergartener (I’ll let ya know when I get a parent phone call)!