Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm a blogger!!!

Troy reminded me it’s time to join the rest of the world and get a blog. I am clueless on how it all works, but I have really enjoyed the links I’ve received from you we’ll give it a try!
Well, I know this may seem like a repeat email, but were expecting another baby in February! I was discussing having another baby with a friend from Boot camp and she said “5 kids! Only Doctors, Lawyers and white trash have 5 kids!!” And as you know, Troy is not a Dr or a lawyer. I got a good laugh from it! We are really excited and the girls are so great about it. They talk to her all the time and the twins even enjoy pulling up my shirt while we’re in public to show everyone- we’re working on that! We’re fully planning on another princess to add to the group, although last week I had a dream it was a dark haired boy of Asian decent. I remember feeling really confused, but we sure loved him anyway!
Other than feeling yucky at night, things are great here and we’re beginning to get ready for school. It’s hard to believe that I am losing all three of them in three weeks…it will be a sad day for me. I’ll try to keep up on the blog and I’d love to see all that is going on with you guys!
Had I had a Blog over the last few months, they would read…

Brookie V. Copie
Psycho cat with an autoimmune disease that pees on my curtains
Diarrhea days
Why you’re too old to see Daddy naked (this one would be saved for family and people who have known us longer than 10 years)
Hey, I wonder if mom’s stamp pads work on pillows, sheets and carpet…
Nursery showdown
I’ll pee in my car seat if you do!
I can crash mommy’s computer in a blink of an eye
How naughty can the four of us be in the Pediatricians office...while the Dr is in the room?
I’m sure this upcoming year will only bring us more moments that make us proud!


Christina said...

Congrats on baby #5 - how exciting and crazy at the same time!

Jamieson Family said...

Hey, Bobby told me you were preggers. Congrats! you are a blogger now. Yea! and your blog looks much better than mine ever will and I have been doing this a year...supposably. We will add yout to our freinds and family list!

Honey said...

Christi, your girls are beautiful! Congrats on #5. How fun to see your blog (I saw it on Christina's)!

simply jami said...

I am so glad you blog! Too cute! I was thinking we would be hearing about a #5 soon...congrats!

Kaycee said...

Oh my goodness Christi - you are hilarious! Love the blog!

Check us out too:

This is where we plan to post about Logan's mission. He's going to India! We are still in shock!!!

kerri d said...

Congrats Christi! On the baby & the blog - both good things ;)
If you didn't know, I blog too so here's the link:

rhondas view said...

yea...! baby 5- wow. if anyone can do this it is you christi!

i love your blog- cute page layout!

i'm adding you to my blog (as i did shellee and i think chelsea, lol)

wonderful pictures and you are so clever with the writing!

Kenzie said...

Hoo-ray, welcome to the blogging world. Your posts were so funny to read. What a cute family, and congrats on being prego. I feel like a big sissy only being able to go for three. oh well. We are excited to keep in touch.

MommaS said...

Hey Christi did Troy pick out the wallpaper for your blog? TeeHee. I'm always teasing Logan he is going to ended up surrounded my pink like Troy. I always think of the woman that emet Troy's Mom in the grocery store and broke out in laughter at the thought of Troy with 4 girls. Now #5 is on the way. Unless, it's an Asian little boy?? You are hilarious. Cheree

Rebecca said...

Christi, Hey, I found your blog from Christina's. It's so fun to see your darling family again, and congrats on adding another beautiful baby soon! Your haircut looks darling, and it is really fun to read about your girls. Hope all is well with you!
Rebecca & Andrew (back from the BYU married ward days!)

Wardell Family said...

So excited you blog...feel free to see ours.
Hope you are doing well:)

Hassler Family said...

Congratulations! I am SO excited for you. I can't wait to see this new beautiful Taylor baby! Welcome to the blogging world. :)

Amber H. said...

Congrats to you guys! How fun is that?!? You guys have the most adorable kids ever! How funny about the white trash comment! It sounds like your life is VERY similar to mine, so it will be fun to read all about your adventures...I'm sure I can relate well!