Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better late than never!!

Ok, so I promised I'd post their Halloween costumes for Grandma...never mind it's almost February! Anyways, it was really cute...Jaxon received the nick name "Jack Jack" at a very young age, so we thought that would be the perfect costume for him. Since they have had themed costumes for 8 years (I know I'm crazy), everybody got to be a superhero based off of what they love to do. Except Gracie, she was just herself, "the Gracynator". If you'll look close, her shirt says, "These toys...are mine!!" and then the toys are glued to her pants. She is also sporting the bloody nose, lip and cheek. If you know Gracie, you'll know why this was so funny!
Jaxon cried in his costume, but I think that's mostly because he was mad I made him wear tights!
FYI, Brookie struck the pose in her individual picture all on her own, with no prompting by me...a small cause for concern of her parents. We have no comment at this time.

My baby boy turns one next month...I promise to send recent pics then!