Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Jaxon turned One!!!

My baby turned one!! I can't believe it..this is by far the fastest year of my life, much like a blur. But, I'm happy to say he is still a baby, even if only for a minute. I had to correct the Dr as she referred to him as a toddler last week.

We celebrated his birthday with Kennedy his "twin cousin". We had a monkey themed party, it was so cute! We made monkey invites, took their one year pics with monkey shirts, decorated with mod monkey decor, banannas, and stuffed monkies, and ate bananna splits and bananna cookies for dessert. I know it was a bit much, but I needed a party to be creative and use my right brain a little.

Jaxon loved the cake and at one point had three spoons going, while Kennedy cried and wouldn't touch hers. Besides our friends and family joining us to celebrate, the best part was Troy coming out in a bananna suit!! Yup, he did, and it was hilariuos!!! What a good sport, did I pick a good one or what?

After the party, Brookie split her head open and told the nurse at the ER that her Daddy wacked her in the head, awesome. In my disbelief, I had to remind her to tell the nurse that he wacked her with a BALLOON and then she turned around right into the chair. Then I looked like I was promting her story. That was great. Needless to say, what a fun and tiring night. And Troy, I'm sure Jaxon appreciated the gesture as much as I did and all of my friends will be jealous their hubbies don't look as hot as you in a bananna suit!!