Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baby Jaxon is here!!!

He’s here!!! What a difference a day makes…Wednesday we spent the day getting ready for the induction, and Thursday we went from 4 to 5 kids- just like that! I know I’ve done this a few times, but the miracle is just as great on the fifth one. That whole little living being was inside of me two days ago- crazy! Our precious little guy came at 9:04am- just two hours after the Doctor broke my water. I started hurting about 7:30 and only had to endure an hour and a half…way better than the last delivery! Other than not having an epidural, I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery. Troy was a champ (as always) and my mom and sisters were there, as well as two awesome doulas (the hospital staff let us bend the rules on the number in the room) . Everything went great, and as you can imagine when I was looking at his cute little face my first question was “Is it a boy?” Sure enough- still a boy and a very big boy- he was 9 lbs and 8 oz and 21.5 inches long. After hearing his weight, I felt very validated that I couldn’t walk for those last few weeks! He’s the sweetest little cuddly baby and the girls are so thrilled to have a brother! Here’s some pictures of the big day, and hopefully, I’ll get around to updating things again soon!

Jaxon Troy Taylor

Friday, February 6, 2009

A "boy" room!!

We finally got the upstairs done…it’s so weird to have a “boy” room up there! We’re about 9 days away from the due date, and two weeks from induction, so this is my last chance to get the pictures up! I could just post the pics, but I’ll explain them in too!

Thanks to my sister-in-law and all her vinyl, we finished the playroom (well, all the rooms)! I love decorating, not that I’m great at it, but I really LOVE doing things myself and creating the rooms as inexpensively as possible (since the decorating budget is limited :D) Sometimes I pretend I’m on Trading Spaces- except my carpenter is way hotter than Ty Pennington!!! Decorating has become the only activity my right brain gets these days. Anyways, I found this Amy Butler fabric a long time ago and loved it, so that became the inspiration for the room. I picked my very talented friend’s brain last year on furniture placement, and she gave me some of the ideas…thanks Leslie!! We hit Ikea to get all the accessories- which happened to be the perfect color scheme! Troy and his Dad built the art desk and metal display board, hung the lights, and hung the swing on their last it’s officially done! If you can’t see from the picture, the quote above the board says, “It took me four years to paint like Rafael, and a lifetime to paint like a child. –Picasso”. The girls love the room!!


So, we debated on the baby’s room for a while. I love all of the trendy boy stuff, but then became really sensitive to the fact he’s going to have to grow up in the pink dress-up world with 4 sisters…so, I wanted it to be all boy- I even looked into camo, guns, and dead animals for the walls! After slaving on the big girl’s nurseries and turning around in two years to re-decorate a big girl room- I decided this one would start as a big kid room with a crib, and in a few years, I’d just have to take down the crib and add a train table. We ended up with “vintage” sports (since that’s all his Daddy is really into)… “vintage” just meant I didn’t like the primary colored “sports” look- so we made do with the darker colors (the flash makes the walls look different in every picture- but it's really the more navy color). I called Troy’s old lacrosse coach from BYU (actually his wife Megan…. thanks again Megan!!) and got his jersey from the National Championship in 2000. My girlfriend made the matching baby jersey and our good friends gave us the old lockers they were getting rid of. They were taken out of a high school years ago… we painted them and added all of the boy cousin’s names to the front- it turned out cute. Then, I got this idea for Troy to make a goal over the twin bed in the room, but I wasn’t sold it would look good- and didn’t want to waste the money if I didn’t like it, so we found the goal at academy we could return (exactly like what I had in my head) and ended up really liking it. I found some awesome vintage sports pics online at a really expensive baby boutique- I was trying to budget for them when my friend called and found these pics at a tent sale for 10$ each. (way better then 110$) My hot carpenter popped off the stars on top, painted them brown, and Cara made the vinyl words- and the other lettering on the walls. Then, we took some vintage golf clubs Troy had and hung the curtains and topped them with a handmade baby gift with his name on it my friend made us. We just need to add his pictures when he comes!

Now, my next project is the upstairs bath, I think it’s only fair we bail with the big chenille flowers and lady bugs and go with something more masculine- but Troy reminded me he won’t even use it for a couple of years. Any body got any suggestions for a neutral bathroom?

Ok, there it is, thanks again to all involved in the group effort…especially to Troy, after two long months of late night projects, he can finally get some rest! Well… maybe only for 9 more days!

Oh, and here's a pic of the Eifel tower Trent and Cara made for the twins room too- it turned out perfect!