Monday, March 2, 2009

Our Baby boy turned one week old on Thursday- so here’s some pics of our first week with blue in the house! I’ll have to say, I love the boy thing- he is so sweet! Well, I don’t love all of the boy stuff…the circumcision really threw me for a loop- that part is awful- but other than that, things are great. He’s eating really well and way more than all the girls. He weighed in at 9lbs and 14oz at one week! He gained almost a half a pound from his birth weight. Other than missing all the cute newborn outfits I have, I love my chubby baby! This week was eventful for him, he had to get his biliruben checked three times (so sad), and then the “boy” issue and a couple checks- but everything is normal now. This past week has been so great as Troy had the week off, and handled everything around the house, so all I had to do was hold my baby. With this being the last of the Taylor babies, this has been the best gift I’ve ever received- I haven’t missed a second. I honestly have the best husband in the world, I hope Jaxon is just like him!! The girls LOVE him and want to hold him every second. Gracie is actually doing really great with him- she is so soft and sweet with Jaxon, then she’ll turn around and put the smack down with the rest of us. She is especially naughty when I feed him, because she knows it will take me a few to catch her.
Ok, so every picture I take makes him look really huge...he is big and has chubby cheeks, but doesn’t look quite this big in real life!