Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New family Pictures...finally one with Jaxon in it

So I have a dear friend, Sarah Wehkamp, who is starting a photography business, and needed to build up her portfolio...what a better chance for her to see if this is what she really wants to do then to shoot my five kids at once??? She did a fabulous job! Here's the latest family pics!

Check out her blog, http://www.thewehkamps.com/!!

And here's some pics of the kids from a photography Expo in Dallas...it was really fun and the girls loved the attention. Not so much Jaxon, he just wanted to eat the rocks!

So much has happened in the last few months, I'll spend some time on vacation writing it all down!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

My baby got Baptised!!!

It sems all too weird that Troy and I have a child old enough to be baptised, but yes, Addie turned 8 at the end of October and was baptised! What a special day it was for our family and we are so pround of her and her decisions. She looked so beautiful in her little white dress....

We had lots of family and friends with us to share in her special day and everything was perfect!

Troy and I put together this little video for her with Mommy's favorite song.

We love you so much Addie!! We know it's hard work being the oldest and "raising parents", but you do a great job. Thank you for who you are and the great exaple you have set for your siblings. Love, Mom and Dad

Saturday, October 3, 2009

M.I.A... Update!

Ahhh! So I was checking out my sister-in-law's blog...she is so crafty and talented!! and noticed that my blog hasn't been updated for four months! I really hate that. This number five has really slowed me down and I've noticed I've had to drop a few balls just to keep my mommy ones up...(ok, maybe a lot of balls)!
Anyways, I turned 30 and have to say I actually feel older with this birthday. (or it could be that I've only been to the gym a handful of times since Jaxon was born). I still pull the "I just had a baby" card even though it's been 8 months.

The girls are doing great in school. Addie has her old kindergarten teacher and we put the twins in the Dual language program. It's been so good for them, they are said to be fluent in Spanish by 5th grade. Troy and I really enjoy all the words Brookie "span-ifies". She just adds a little twang to any word, i.e, car-o for car. It's really funny. Gracie continues to do whatever the big girls are doing and anything naughty they are not doing. She's so great- I just love her (and the 500 outfits she wears a day). She thinks she owns the place (and the neighbor's places, and my sister's house, and the gym...substitute any place she's ever been) She LOVES Jaxon and wants to hold him all the time. He's very patient with her and I am not. (Hence one of the balls that got dropped with #5! But I'm working on it...in fact, now the kids are back in school, I have even stopped using my "summertime" voice).
Jaxon is everywhere! He loves to stand up, so he pretty much crawls just to find a place to stand. He has the cutest little smile and has discovered his Dad! Now I see how little boys start out thinking their Dad's are superhero's. (Jaxon's dad really is a superhero!) He studies everything he does when he is in the room, and watches his every move- it's pretty cute. Troy's got a big job, but Jaxon couldn't have a better role model!
Ok, so like I said, I turned 30. Troy did a really great job celebrating my big 3-0. He got with my friends and family and planned a surprise Girl's Night Out Party. It was really fun and so great to visit with all of my friends (I have really great friends)... but we'll leave all the details of the night off the world wide web, right ladies? My mom made all of my favorite foods, and Sara got my favorite cake, I was in heaven!
After the party he informed me I was getting a really great birthday present. So, I began thinking, what would be a really great birthday present??? Hmmm...the new rug for the living room I want, a weekend away, new bedroom furniture, a visit from my best friend from college I haven't seen for 2 years!! Well, sure enough, he pulled it off and surprised me with Dacy!! I was totally surprised!! She and Zia got to come visit me, it was the best birthday ever! We had a great weekend and Troy won husband of the year again!!
In closing to my novel about my 4 month hiatus, Stacey tagged me on her blog and I'm supposed to write ten honest things about myself...so here it goes..

I still look pregnant.
I make my bed every day.
I love mexican food, I think I might be part Mexican.
I love the smell of my babies' breath and smell it every time they yawn.
I love to snuggle with my kids.
Sometimes I feel guilty that my husband does so much for me.
I like bath and shower water scalding hot.
I still get butterflies in my toes when I kiss my husband.
I find no pleasure in actually making a craft or sewing, only in the finished project.
I have never read a fiction book for fun or entertainment (weird huh?)

Anyways, here's Jaxon's six month picture and a few random ones from the last four months!
More pictures to come...someday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chubby baby!

Ok, life is so crazy right now and I know I’m a bad friend, Aunt, daughter and sister-in-law, Mom, etc. for not sending pictures of Jaxon! As most of you know, I love me some chubby baby legs, and he's by far my chubbiest one-who really looks like his Daddy when he smiles! So, here’s a glimpse. The studio pictures are a month ago, but the ones at the top are new. I promise to update next week when school gets out- I have a great new video of Gracie...so here goes a tale of our days via quotes!

“Look mom, I can pee in my eye ball and up my nose while you wipe my bum!” ~Jaxon
And you thought you had a talented kid...

“Mom! I peed on your floor, come see!” ~Gracie
Awesome. I'd love to.

“Dear mom, will you practice being nice? Its not fun being bossed around. cercol yes or no. Love, Addison”
I'll circle your yes or no.

“Mom, the tooth fairy didn’t come get my tooth last night…” ~Addison.

“Mom, I just need to go to my room and chillax.” ~Addison

“I didn’t steal the crayons from the art teacher, I was just taking them.” –anonymous
Awesome. Good thing those FHE lessons are paying off.

“Oh look honey…he fell asleep with his hand on his pacie. No, wait…there’s no pacie, it’s his thumb!”
Crap. It's so cute when they're babies, not so much when they turn 6.

“Mmmoooommmm (that’s in that really winey tattle voice), Gracie took my…. (substitute anything the girls have…candy, shoes, lipstick, gum, pen, book, chips, jewelery) and she ran away.I tried to catch her but I can't!”
I know that feeling. Just accept it, she's faster than me too. You've got to take out her legs.

“Oh, yes, I do think it’s cool that the dentist has whoopee cushions to take home and you all three got one! Thanks Dentist”
I secretly still think it's funny on occasion.

“Look, all I have to do is take Bailey’s toy and push Easton and they start crying!” ~Gracie
Awesome.Let's invite some more friends over.

“No, honey, it’s Jaxon that wants to watch all 800 NBA play-off games, not me- I’m just sitting here with him because he really likes it.” ~???
I love it that all the teams Troy follows go to 7 every round. That's like basketball every night! I hope it never ends.

"Wow, five kids...don't you know how that happens?" ~Perfect

ummm..did you seriuosly just ask me about you-know-what? I have so many answers going in my head that would make you feel really uncomfortable, but I would just rather sit giving you the awkward stare. "No, my mom didn't let me watch that video in highschool."