Saturday, October 3, 2009

M.I.A... Update!

Ahhh! So I was checking out my sister-in-law's blog...she is so crafty and talented!! and noticed that my blog hasn't been updated for four months! I really hate that. This number five has really slowed me down and I've noticed I've had to drop a few balls just to keep my mommy ones up...(ok, maybe a lot of balls)!
Anyways, I turned 30 and have to say I actually feel older with this birthday. (or it could be that I've only been to the gym a handful of times since Jaxon was born). I still pull the "I just had a baby" card even though it's been 8 months.

The girls are doing great in school. Addie has her old kindergarten teacher and we put the twins in the Dual language program. It's been so good for them, they are said to be fluent in Spanish by 5th grade. Troy and I really enjoy all the words Brookie "span-ifies". She just adds a little twang to any word, i.e, car-o for car. It's really funny. Gracie continues to do whatever the big girls are doing and anything naughty they are not doing. She's so great- I just love her (and the 500 outfits she wears a day). She thinks she owns the place (and the neighbor's places, and my sister's house, and the gym...substitute any place she's ever been) She LOVES Jaxon and wants to hold him all the time. He's very patient with her and I am not. (Hence one of the balls that got dropped with #5! But I'm working on fact, now the kids are back in school, I have even stopped using my "summertime" voice).
Jaxon is everywhere! He loves to stand up, so he pretty much crawls just to find a place to stand. He has the cutest little smile and has discovered his Dad! Now I see how little boys start out thinking their Dad's are superhero's. (Jaxon's dad really is a superhero!) He studies everything he does when he is in the room, and watches his every move- it's pretty cute. Troy's got a big job, but Jaxon couldn't have a better role model!
Ok, so like I said, I turned 30. Troy did a really great job celebrating my big 3-0. He got with my friends and family and planned a surprise Girl's Night Out Party. It was really fun and so great to visit with all of my friends (I have really great friends)... but we'll leave all the details of the night off the world wide web, right ladies? My mom made all of my favorite foods, and Sara got my favorite cake, I was in heaven!
After the party he informed me I was getting a really great birthday present. So, I began thinking, what would be a really great birthday present??? Hmmm...the new rug for the living room I want, a weekend away, new bedroom furniture, a visit from my best friend from college I haven't seen for 2 years!! Well, sure enough, he pulled it off and surprised me with Dacy!! I was totally surprised!! She and Zia got to come visit me, it was the best birthday ever! We had a great weekend and Troy won husband of the year again!!
In closing to my novel about my 4 month hiatus, Stacey tagged me on her blog and I'm supposed to write ten honest things about here it goes..

I still look pregnant.
I make my bed every day.
I love mexican food, I think I might be part Mexican.
I love the smell of my babies' breath and smell it every time they yawn.
I love to snuggle with my kids.
Sometimes I feel guilty that my husband does so much for me.
I like bath and shower water scalding hot.
I still get butterflies in my toes when I kiss my husband.
I find no pleasure in actually making a craft or sewing, only in the finished project.
I have never read a fiction book for fun or entertainment (weird huh?)

Anyways, here's Jaxon's six month picture and a few random ones from the last four months!
More pictures to come...someday!


simply jami said...

I needed my Christi fix! You always make me smile!

p.s. can you have Troy get in touch with Damian and give him some pointers? ;) Love you!

Lindsey Ramage said...

Hooray you posted and I loved the pictures. Hope to visit soon!

Kim Allgood said...

Love the photos! Great to see an update. I am so glad you had a special birthday- you deserve it! Can't wait to see you at Christmas! Tell Troy hi and the kids.
Love you guys!

McCandless Co. said...

Sometimes we just don't have the time to blog for four straight months right! I am so with you on that one....
So you are such a super mom, I think I dropped the balls with number one...and they are still dropping! Your kids are too darling, I totally want to hear Brooky say "car-o" that would give me a good laugh too, Kyle is learning spanish as well and it just isn't as cute. So you are 30 huh, I really didn't mind 30 it was too crazy of a year to worry about it, but now I am turning 31....I will officially be IN my 30's ahhhh....not my favorite, so time to grown up! Well I am glad to see everyone getting all grown up, what a great little guy Jaxon is, he will have such a fun time with all those sisters. Isn't it fun to have your little boy, just a different feel to the whole thing. Well now that I have written my novel to your blog I better end, keep it up, I LOVE to see what is going on with the Taylor's.

P.S. You REALLY need to read a book, there are too many out there that are sooo fabulous!

Brandy said...

I just found your blog again! I don't blog much anymore, #4 (which is 15 months old now) really made life crazy. We have just accepted the fact that normal is crazy! I love your mention of "summertime voice" I thought I was the only one! - Brandy

Jamieson Family said...

Jaxon is a cute little man. I love having a boy. I love the girls of course but he has just won my heart! I see the pics of jaxon smiling and I can't wait for those smiles!

Angela Baird said...

happy 30th!'s crazy to see where everyone is at've done pretty well, if you ask me...5 kids, really really cute kids, and with all those balls in the air you were talking about I can only imagine how complicated that is. Don't worry about the whole craft's overrated! Glad things are still going well.
Angela Gunnell Baird