Tuesday, January 13, 2009

January Update...

We just had our first little boy shower!! My sisters threw a party at my mom's and here's a few pics from that..the camera didn't exactly make it around that night, so I didn't have too many! It was really fun, and I love my friend's who came in all the way from Houston (AmySue and Brie)! I am especially proud of the pic of Sara, Brie and I because for the first time in 8 years, I am not the only one pregnant in the picture- we all are!! It was so weird to open blue stuff and boy clothes, but really fun! (Since my brothers are worried, I promise my hair won't get any shorter)!! We're getting ready for our little guy, and I'll post one more time before he comes, since I promised to put pics up of the room!

Here's a few pics to update the last couple of months...I wish I was better at this, but since I wait so long in between the task gets bigger and bigger! Maybe when the baby comes, I'll keep up on it (yeah right).

Gracie turned two!! She’s fabulous. I know, her personality is challenging, but she’s really funny! So, this year, I had this bright idea of a “traveling party”. Instead of a crazy, chaotic party at my house where Gracie doesn’t get to see anyone, we would take our kiddos and a mini party to our families individual houses. This way, she could spend a few minutes with all of her favorite people. I baked a ton of cupcakes (my kids had to have mini sized since they would have 6) and hats and balloons, and off we went. I was very surprised how well the scheduling worked out with 6 stops and my busy family. So at 8:30 we started @ Grandma Connie’s (her great-grandma’s) retirement community. (Those people really love kids, it’s always a treat to go there and be reminded of how blessed we are and how quickly our kids will grow up). Anyways, we had a cupcake, sang Happy Birthday, and opened a present at each home. Then to Mama and Papa’s, to Aunt Shellee’s, to Aunt Wendy’s, to Aunt Chelsea’s, grabbed lunch, and ended at Aunt Sara’s. (Aunt Stacey just had a baby, so we thought it would be best to leave them off the schedule!) My little idea really wore us out completely and we didn’t get home until 2pm exhausted and full of cupcakes. But Gracie loved it and it was nice to spend a few minutes with everyone. So, here’s some of that fun!

Addie’s run in with the sidewalk. So, she comes inside - not crying - just to tell me something was really wrong. Then she moved her hand, and I almost threw up. You can’t really get the full impact from these pictures, but it was awful- Massive Headwound Harry. She was out on her bike jumping the ramp with the boys and fell over. Troy was kind of proud that she was taking the jumps- and wanted me to know she did it 5 times before she fell off.
After the drama wore off, she wanted to go do it again. And no, she wasn’t wearing a helmet…nice I know.

Copie and Brookie were inducted into the Hall of Fame at school. Their teachers decided they deserved their own day, so they did them a week apart. Thanks to Mama and Papa for the early morning trips- they were so excited! They are loving school and have done really well in their own classes, I’m really glad we made the decision to separate them. So here’s Copie’s quote from the week…Brookie was throwing a fit the other day, and a really good one-crying, screaming, the whole nine yards. After I sent her to her room, Copie looked at me with a serious, concerned voice said, “Mom, I think I know what’s wrong with Brookie.” “Oh, really, what is it?” I said. “I think she’s special needs.”

Christmas was great- the girls were very spoiled by all of their grandparents! We stayed around here and were able to get lots of things done around the house, well, Troy was able to get lots of things done around the house :0). He sure loves me! Or he’s unwilling to pay anyone else to do anything he can do. Love that guy! Troy’s parents came down at the beginning of the month and he and his Dad yet again tackled some great projects. They made an art desk in the playroom, a big metal display board, and I even convinced my father-in-law it was a good idea to hang a swing from Ikea to the rafters of our playroom. (Still don’t think he thinks it’s a great idea, but he did a great job anyway)! Thanks mom and Dad for all your help- we love you!! I’ll post those pics when it’s done.
And the quote for this week…comes again from Copie, concerning the new Wii games they got for Christmas..
Copie: “Mom, Addie called me a name..”
Addie: “No I didn’t”
Copie: “Yes, you did. You called me ‘I win, you lose, now you got a big bruise’”