Friday, October 1, 2010

Jaxon 18month pics

Little man is 18 months...well, actually 19, but these pictures were last month. He and Kennedy (twin cousin) had so much fun!
I have tons of summer and schools pics...coming soon :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Time flies when you never blog!!

So time flies when you never blog! Our life has been crazy with a busy schedule, but we are alive and well. I have some really cute pictures of the kids at Easter time, but I will admit I forgot my camera (bad mom) at the twins birthday party, and borrowed my friends. So, someday I will get those and update... birthdays at least should make the blog!
Some highlights of our life the last few months...
Jaxon is running everywhere and throwing everything he can pick up. He throws the biggest fits of anyone his age, we LOVE church! He says a handful of words; "Dada" and "mama" when he wants to, "Papa", "uh-oh" all the time (in conjunction with the throwing skill), "apple", "ball", "ouch", "cracker", the usuals...and his all time favorite "Pup". This kid LOVES dogs...he really needs one, but I need another thing that eats and poops like I need a hole in my head! We caught him with his little arms folded this week during prayer, it was so cute! he is the yummiest little boy in the world!!

We just finished our U-8 volleyball season. "U-8 volleyball" you ask? Yes, it was very cute... if you can serve, you win! Although I think I'm getting close to hanging up my coaching hat. I've discovered it's very hard to coach your own kids...especially when one is in tears because the team is losing (and trying to quit), one is picking her nose and looking into the rafters, and the other is just so happy to be on the court, it doesn't bother her the least bit if the ball falls to the ground in front of her!
Addie is finishing up her 2nd grade year. Gotta love second was this year that someone called the teacher an A-hole! It's been fun filtering her new found knowledge, but I firmly believe this should be saved for two deep leadership. She always throws it at me when Troy's not home, so again, I have to be the adult! She is a very good student and recently wrote a song about her favorite line is "everyday she makes a shake, and if it's bad, she doesn't fake!" She has such a dry, rather sarcastic sense of humor. We can't help from laughing at her, she can be really funny. Tonight we were reading the passover story, where the oldest child died if they didn't have blood on their door...after we read the words, she raised her eyebrows, and said, "uhhh, can we just sacrifice a goat???"
She had her first swim team practice tonight. On the way, I mentioned to her we should call Aunt Dacy and Uncle Ryan to tell them- they would be so excited! (They are both big swimmers and Uncle Ryan swam for BYU.) About half way through practice when Addie got out of the freezing water crying to run over to me to quit, I figured we might wait a couple more days til we brake the good news to Dace and Ryan! We'll see how it goes this summer!

Copie and Brookie are rounding up their 1st grade year and looking forward to joining the competitive gymnastics team this summer. They literally hop and jump everywhere instead of walk, so I think this will be really great for them! I will say, even though the kids aren't perfect children and they gang up on me pretty good, I really do think they are cool kids. I often tell them if they weren't my kids, I would have picked them for my friends! Copie cracks me up everyday with her jovial humor, and Brookie loves clothes and accessories even more then I do! She is going to rock as my shopping partner someday!

Grace face? Well, we are thinking (hoping) she's turning a corner. She just runs with the pack, and sadly has grown up so much the last few months. Where did my baby go? She is really funny too- NO ONE is a stranger to this kid and she is always extremely blunt. She'll go up to anyone and ask, "Do you have gum?" or "can I hold your baby?" to a stranger in the grocery store. We are almost done with her big girl room, I'll post that next year :)She does a great job of making Jaxon tough. If he can make it through her lovin (squeezing and body slamming), he'll be set to play football in Texas!! We all piled out of the car the other day to Gracie serenading us to "All the single ladies, all the single ladies.." pretty funny coming from a 3 year old, who I still have no idea where she heard that song!

I'm proud to say Troy and I are on week 11 of our Biggest Loser contest (with a few other friends), and will find out who the biggest loser is next week. Troy has lost 30lbs and I am down 22lbs (thanks to Isagenix..LOVE it!) ...and I think the competition is still pretty steep..I think we will be delivering some yummy homemade goodies to our fellow competitors this week! After all of this hard work, Brookie asked me to get off the swing on our swing set this week because she was afraid I would brake it. That was awesome.
Last week we booked our cruise for our big 10 year anni this fall, so I'm hoping that will carry us through the summer! We'll post our before and after pics we get professionally done in our bikini/speedo and spray tan soon! Actually, no need to wait for Troy's after pic, just check out Jacob in New Moon:)
Anyways, here's the new group pics, gotta love Texas Bluebonnets!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Jaxon turned One!!!

My baby turned one!! I can't believe it..this is by far the fastest year of my life, much like a blur. But, I'm happy to say he is still a baby, even if only for a minute. I had to correct the Dr as she referred to him as a toddler last week.

We celebrated his birthday with Kennedy his "twin cousin". We had a monkey themed party, it was so cute! We made monkey invites, took their one year pics with monkey shirts, decorated with mod monkey decor, banannas, and stuffed monkies, and ate bananna splits and bananna cookies for dessert. I know it was a bit much, but I needed a party to be creative and use my right brain a little.

Jaxon loved the cake and at one point had three spoons going, while Kennedy cried and wouldn't touch hers. Besides our friends and family joining us to celebrate, the best part was Troy coming out in a bananna suit!! Yup, he did, and it was hilariuos!!! What a good sport, did I pick a good one or what?

After the party, Brookie split her head open and told the nurse at the ER that her Daddy wacked her in the head, awesome. In my disbelief, I had to remind her to tell the nurse that he wacked her with a BALLOON and then she turned around right into the chair. Then I looked like I was promting her story. That was great. Needless to say, what a fun and tiring night. And Troy, I'm sure Jaxon appreciated the gesture as much as I did and all of my friends will be jealous their hubbies don't look as hot as you in a bananna suit!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Better late than never!!

Ok, so I promised I'd post their Halloween costumes for Grandma...never mind it's almost February! Anyways, it was really cute...Jaxon received the nick name "Jack Jack" at a very young age, so we thought that would be the perfect costume for him. Since they have had themed costumes for 8 years (I know I'm crazy), everybody got to be a superhero based off of what they love to do. Except Gracie, she was just herself, "the Gracynator". If you'll look close, her shirt says, "These toys...are mine!!" and then the toys are glued to her pants. She is also sporting the bloody nose, lip and cheek. If you know Gracie, you'll know why this was so funny!
Jaxon cried in his costume, but I think that's mostly because he was mad I made him wear tights!
FYI, Brookie struck the pose in her individual picture all on her own, with no prompting by me...a small cause for concern of her parents. We have no comment at this time.

My baby boy turns one next month...I promise to send recent pics then!