Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Update...

Well, this time of year is always busy for our family, so here it goes!! In October, Troy and I were able (thanks to the group effort of my family and neighbors) to take advantage of a Tax conference in Austin and take off for a few days. We celebrated our belated birthdays and anniversary…eight years...boy am I glad the years are beginning to catch up with kids—barely! We had a wonderful stay at our favorite B&B in Fredricksburg-, we stayed in The Bollinger Cabin (I highly recommend it in case you ever need a get-away!!) And then to Austin for a few days. I got to spend a whole day relaxing in hotel room by myself- it was wonderful! Then back to real life of crazy schedules…Addie turned 7 years old October 23rd! I know, she’s so big- how did I get a seven year old?

She opted not to have a birthday bash and instead wanted to take her cousins to see High School Musical 3. I jumped on the idea to skip all the planning and took 18 people to see the movie. It was a cute little (FULL length) musical, but I must admit I was a bit shocked at how the cast had “matured” in the last few years. They were so innocent in the beginning, and dressed a bit too sexy this time around!

So during the movie, Addie pulled out her front tooth, and of course had to show it to all of us. I don’t know what it is about the mouth, but the hanging threads of a tooth really gross me out.

Anyways, then there’s Halloween and the debate of what are the girls going to be…I’ve enjoyed the years of the “themed” costumes, but that has come to an end (due to my lack of creativity). So, this year I talked them out of the cheerleader thing, because we could use that one next year and easily add the boy to the mix. And they talked me out of the three blind mice thing with Gracie being a piece of cheese, and we settled on pink fairies. Not too exciting I know, but we thought we’d do one more big she-bang of all pink…pink clothes, pink tights, pink tutu’s, pink hair spray, pink wings…before we throw in the blue!

They were very cute and had a blast. Someone please take all the candy out of my house. I’ve hid it high from the girls, but how do you hide it from my prego rear end? It’s time to just throw it away! Anyways, now we move onto to Gracie turning two, the Holidays and all the work we have to do before Feb. Anybody got any cute ideas for the baby’s room? We are debating making the trip up to visit Troy’s family in Utah for Christmas, but we’ll see- I’m sure that trip would make for one very entertaining blog!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking for a "Tummy Mommy"!

As most of you have seen, most of my blogs have been on the lighter side of life- a means to add some humor to my life (see video on the Grace-Face post). But this one is different, I wanted to post about my sister and brother-in-law. As many of you know, Chelsea and Clint were chosen by a birth mother in June to adopt a baby girl. Long story short, the birth mother changed her mind, and went home with the baby. We were all at the birth per the request of the birth mom, and after holding and loving her for a week, Chelsea and Clint had to move on. I know many of you, if not everyone of you, have been touched by this pain in someway, so you can understand my efforts to help in any way possible!

I should take a minute and just say how wonderful Chelsea and Clint are- but for those of you who know them, there isn’t much that needs to be said. They are truly the salt of the earth and the two of them have the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen, and are always an example to me! How blessed I am and my children are to have them in their lives…

Feel free to comment on my blog (or theirs) and I’ll get it to them and of course you can email either of us if you need! Here's the direct link to their profile through their adoption agency...their full story is in the links in the blue line above the picture,12272,2133-1-10165-1-1,00.html

And here’s their blog link they recently set up for “tummy mommies” as they call them, and hopefully their story will stay in your hearts to pass on if ever needed.