Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chubby baby!

Ok, life is so crazy right now and I know I’m a bad friend, Aunt, daughter and sister-in-law, Mom, etc. for not sending pictures of Jaxon! As most of you know, I love me some chubby baby legs, and he's by far my chubbiest one-who really looks like his Daddy when he smiles! So, here’s a glimpse. The studio pictures are a month ago, but the ones at the top are new. I promise to update next week when school gets out- I have a great new video of Gracie...so here goes a tale of our days via quotes!

“Look mom, I can pee in my eye ball and up my nose while you wipe my bum!” ~Jaxon
And you thought you had a talented kid...

“Mom! I peed on your floor, come see!” ~Gracie
Awesome. I'd love to.

“Dear mom, will you practice being nice? Its not fun being bossed around. cercol yes or no. Love, Addison”
I'll circle your yes or no.

“Mom, the tooth fairy didn’t come get my tooth last night…” ~Addison.

“Mom, I just need to go to my room and chillax.” ~Addison

“I didn’t steal the crayons from the art teacher, I was just taking them.” –anonymous
Awesome. Good thing those FHE lessons are paying off.

“Oh look honey…he fell asleep with his hand on his pacie. No, wait…there’s no pacie, it’s his thumb!”
Crap. It's so cute when they're babies, not so much when they turn 6.

“Mmmoooommmm (that’s in that really winey tattle voice), Gracie took my…. (substitute anything the girls have…candy, shoes, lipstick, gum, pen, book, chips, jewelery) and she ran away.I tried to catch her but I can't!”
I know that feeling. Just accept it, she's faster than me too. You've got to take out her legs.

“Oh, yes, I do think it’s cool that the dentist has whoopee cushions to take home and you all three got one! Thanks Dentist”
I secretly still think it's funny on occasion.

“Look, all I have to do is take Bailey’s toy and push Easton and they start crying!” ~Gracie
Awesome.Let's invite some more friends over.

“No, honey, it’s Jaxon that wants to watch all 800 NBA play-off games, not me- I’m just sitting here with him because he really likes it.” ~???
I love it that all the teams Troy follows go to 7 every round. That's like basketball every night! I hope it never ends.

"Wow, five kids...don't you know how that happens?" ~Perfect

ummm..did you seriuosly just ask me about you-know-what? I have so many answers going in my head that would make you feel really uncomfortable, but I would just rather sit giving you the awkward stare. "No, my mom didn't let me watch that video in highschool."


Kim Allgood said...

Wow, he does look like Troy! Adorable photos! Oh and I love peeing quote by Jaxon. I think Peter has one-upped Jaxon though- he can pee, poop, and spit-up three different times during one diaper change and manage to stain the bedspread, sheets, pillowcase and my skirt. The girls dresses are beautiful. Love and miss you all. Kim

JB and Cindy said...

Yep, they are all still gorgeous. Too funny, definitely gave me a good laugh :)

Meredith said...

I love, love, love your kids, they are so cute! I think the toothless Addie pics are so fun! The quotes are my favorite though...'cercol yes or no' I love it! So funny! We are starting to have more of those moments, they're so fun!

amysue said...

super cute, love them

Kim said...

Those are really really cute pictures!!! You girls are getting so big and so grown-up :(!
It was fun to see you the "other" night!!

Leah said...

adorable!!! Love all the pictures and the quotes...very classic by all. Your kids are beautiful!

simply jami said...

You are so cute! You can still make me laugh, which is super impressive with five munchkins swarming around at all times. He is absolutely precious! What a handsome little man! Of course the girls are picture perfect as always. I don't know how you do it Chris!

Kaycee said...

My favorite pic is Gracie with her hands on her hips. I'm guessing you see that often?

michelle k said...

Okay, Gracie is totally cracking me up. Who knew your sweet GRACE would be the one with her hands on her hips challenging the photog?? Jax is so cute, he just fits right in perfectly. Isn't it funny how that works?! It's amazing how grown up they are now.

Tiffany said...

You are so hilarious!!! Or should I say your kids are!! I love all the posts you put about what they say!!! Gave me the laugh I needed today!! Hope you are doing well!! Your kiddos are all so gorgeous! love the pics.

Stacey said...

Hello...I tagged you with an Honest Scrap award. Go check it our here.


kristina and ryan said...

Christi - Kristina (Lombardi) here! Yor little family is adorable! I found your blog address at my moms house - haha.