Friday, August 15, 2008


Happy Birthday to the World's Best Daddy! Troy is turning 31 today, so we thought we'd do a little tribute to him! I wish I had more pictures of Daddy with his girls, but they are not on this computer! Anyways, he is spending the day golfing and Copie just called him to sing Happy Birthday. After a short conversation she hung up and said, "He had to go, he just hit a pup and scored a goal." I love that kid! I always wonder if Troy ever thought he’d be in love with 5 girls at the same time! He really adores his girls and he is by far all of their favorite! I think girls are made for Daddy’s and I have so loved watching him dress them up in their pink clothes and always remember the bow!
So, I asked the girls some questions about their Dad and here’s what we got…
How tall is Daddy? 40 feet
How much does Daddy weigh? 30 lbs
What is daddy favorite food? Steak, chicken pockets, apples, carrots, and Chocolate milk (he’s lactose intolerant, but that’s ok)
What does Daddy love most in the world? They all said “his girls” (no one mentioned me????)
What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do? Play with his girls, and go golfing
What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do with you? Eat ice cream, play tickle tackle, and practice soccer
Why do you love Daddy? “I love Daddy because he’s my best Dad”, “Because he loves pink”, “Because he play’s with me”

As you can see, they sure love their Daddy!
We hope you have a great Birthday Dad, and are so grateful for the man that you are and the father you are to our four beautiful girls. We are proud of all you do!
Love,All your Princesses


Shellee said...

So cute!! Troy is one lucky man! He is a great Dad and Husband. I'm so grateful for him! Happy B-day Bro!

Momma_S said...

Happy Birthday Troy!! I love you as a horse and a painted warrior.What blessed little girls to have such a great Daddy!!

Kaycee said...

Hi Christi!

You're family is adorable! I'm so excited for it to grow even more! Congrats!

When you customize - select your blog list "friends and family."
In the third section "Show" put a check mark in "title of most recent item" and "date of last update." That's how I have when people post on my blog.

Hope that helps!

Jamieson Family said...

Happy Birthday Troy!!!

Angela Baird said...

Christi...I LOVED reading your blog! It has taken me on a really fun trip down memory lane! I can't believe you are having #5!!! Wow! You really ARE white trash! Just kidding! I'd love to catch up more and know where you are living, etc! And did I read that you have twins??!! It's been too long! I've really been wanting to get in touch with the TX high school friends, but don't even know where to start...that's how bad I've been! If you have anyone's info or updates, I'd love to know!

simply jami said...

happy belated birthday to Troy! precious answers your girls gave...they love their daddy!