Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine!

I love Valentine's Day!! I always have. I love the red/pink /white valentine decor section in the stores that springs up after Christmas...something about that color scheme just makes me happy. I love sappy romantic movies and great love stories. I'm not really interested in action, thriller, suspenseful movies, nor do I like sci fi or horror films much. Boy do I sound like every guys dream date :)?? And...I really don't like sad endings on my sappy love story either...
Not only do I love Valentine's Day, but I really love my Valentine! I read a quote the other day that is my new fav... it says, "Every story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." This one is going on this picture in my bedroom.
Our story is my favorite and Troy happens to be my favorite guy (followed by Jaxon in a close second)! I got the best email a few weeks ago..it said, "Let’s go away the weekend of February 11th. Doesn’t matter where, just that it’s you and me. What do you think? " It's not like I get these emails all the time..but when I do, I enjoy it and cherish the time we spend away. We don't always live in perfect bliss, but one thing we do really well is keep our date nights and time alone.
Troy is just a good man and as hard as it may be he really, really loves me. I know as well as anyone that's a hard job! He is so patient and puts up with me and all my crazies. How did I get so lucky?

Happy Valentine's Day to the man that does the dishes, fixes everything, builds me furniture, takes the kids to school, and still makes my toes tingle! I pray that someday our daughters will find a man just like you! I love you! Love, Me

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