Friday, January 20, 2012


Well, seeing how it's January, I'd better get started on my millions of things I want to do better :) Am I the only one who loves New Year's Resolutions?? This family picture is outdated, but I will put our new ones up soon. And, since I'm behind on updates, we'll just fast forward and I'll fill in "must reads" as I think of them! I found this drafted post I never finished writing and thought I should send it out. It's from 2010, but it was my life and..pretty funny! I'm happy to say some things have changed and not so happy that some of these rules haven't.

New Household Rules!! (originally drafted Sept 2010)

Ok, now that summer is over and we are back in school, the Taylor kids have taken it upon themselves to create some new family rules! Although most of these go unwritten, I thought it would be nice to have them write them out, so all who enter our home will know the rules.. In no particular order...

When cleaning your room, do the least amount as possible. Then, do gymnastics off your bed. Most often, Mom is running late and won't bother to come up and check to see if you did it as she threatens. Odds are with you.

When it's time to change, drop your clothes wherever you stand. If possible, wad them and tun them inside out. Don't bother waiting til bedtime either. All times are changing times!

For best results with laundry, throw something such as lip gloss in the pocket, or directly into the dryer if you prefer. This makes a nice tyedye effect on all of the clothes that is impossible to remove. Who doesn't like tyedye??

Dirty hampers are not only for the dirty. They are a "catch all". Especially the clean you don't want to put away. Mom will either rewash them, or pull the clean out. Either way it buys you a good couple of days.

Shoes. If you are done wearing them and want to take them of, do. Wherever you are. It's that simple.

If you are under two years of age, everything belongs to you. If someone has entered who doesn't understand this rule, simply grab your belonging back. If you cannot recover your lost or stolen item on the first attempt, hit them. A closed fist seems to get a better reaction.

If you are one and want to hit your sister, remember the consequence for the offence is only a timeout. Sometimes, the satisfaction is worth the punishment. In fact, to save time, hit her, then run as fast as you can to timeout like I do.

If you decide at any point that you don't want your string cheese, chew it up, spit it out, ball it up, and put it on a chair in the formal living room for safe keeping.

When you are seven, get in the car with no shoes on. Don't mention this until you arrive at your destination. Gets her every time.

If you are three and mom bugs you while conducting primary at church, stand up and demand she stop talking. If that doesn't work, repeat and shout "Stop talking, You are renoying me!" She loves negative attention.

If ever asked, "Did you brush your teeth?", the answer is always a swift yes without hesitation. Always. Clean or not.

Flush the toilet only when you feel like it.

Sneak pens into bed. They are good for so many things...the possibilities are endless and fun for all ages when found. The gift that keeps on giving.

When possible, tear paper. For no reason other than fun! Sprinkle around house, always mysteriously including the stairs.

After refusing all of your food at lunch, be sure something will be offered to you in the car. Just scream as loud as you can to see the menu. If nothing happens, scream louder or make a flat "mmmmm" sound. She can't take it. You'll be amazed what she hands back. If not satisfied, with the first option, throw it back. Repeat until you receive something really good!


Crysta said...

So glad you are back blogging Christi :) Too funny!

Church Fam said...

I could copy and paste on my blog, seriously the whole thing :) love it!

Leah said...

Ok...I know this is like a year after you wrote this, but that was great! Thanks for the laugh this morning!! Know that you're not alone in those girls are notorious for some of those same things! Hope you guys are doing well!